wineThe introduction of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 on the 1 October 2009 heralded a new dawn for liquor licensing in Scotland.  One part of the Act that has not yet attracted much publicity, but will most certainly in the future, is the ban on irresponsible drinks promotions.  Happy hours are now a thing of the past.  Alcohol must be sold at the same price for 72 hours thus prohibiting premises offering cheap drink at off peak hours such as early evenings.    Any reduced price offers for one or more extra measures are also prohibited as are promotions to supply unlimited amounts of alcohol for a fixed charge.  All of this must make sense but already efforts are being made to circumvent these rules.  One change that you will undoubtedly notice is that supermarkets and convenience stores are only able to sell alcohol from one designated area.  No longer will there be bottles of wine displayed at strategic points throughout the store.     Watch this space for more developments.

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