Keeping Fit and Healthy at James & George Collie


James & George Collie gained more than a new partner when Anne-Maryse Churchill joined the firm late last year.

For, before she became a lawyer, Anne-Maryse trained as a classical ballet dancer in Edinburgh and now she is putting her expertise to good use by helping colleagues keep fit and healthy through in-house dance classes.

The innovative move has caught on with more than 20 employees taking up the offer to attend the classes in the firm’s large conservatory in Aberdeen city centre and the new partner is delighted by the response.

“I trained in ballet before entering the legal profession,” Anne-Maryse said, “but an injury ended my career, although I continued as a dance teacher before arriving in Aberdeen to commence my law  studies.

“During that period I continued to teach dance and movement privately and through Aberdeen City Council and was involved in a number of workshops highlighting the relevance of dance and, in particular, exercise.”

The twice weekly lunchtime sessions at James & George Collie are increasing in popularity with all the proceeds going to the firm’s charity fund.


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